New studio record
To be released in January 2019

After releasing two live albums. We have now started work on a new studio album.

We're a live band and enjoy playing live and with our live albums we wanted to document our enthusiasm on stage.

But recording  live has its limitations when it comes to high quality audio and special sounds such as multiple aping for guitars.

Because of this we have decided to return to the studio for our next album

In studio, everything will be recorded live.

Currently we are rehearsing. Mid October we will be recording, together with the B.C.Horns and the Soul Sisters in the fantastic Mühle der Freundschaft in Bad Iburg with engineer  Markus Praed.

As very special guest, we have invited John Hondrop on Hammond B3.

We have a few of new songs, some with social comment.

An exert from The News:

The world is mad and all I do is sing the Blues

An exert from: "Ain´t Giving´Up On Me ":

Taxman´s knocking´ on my door
Trying´ to get some doe , I said :
Don´t you know, I´m a Blues man ,so
Don't you come back no more....

Release is planned for April 2019”

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